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Akshara Prabhakar

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Hi! I'm a Master's student in the Computer Science department at Princeton University. I am advised by Dr. Karthik Narasimhan and am a part of the Princeton NLP group. My interests are broadly in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Big Data Systems. I am honored to be a Siebel Scholar (class of ‘24). I graduated as a Gold Medalist from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka with a Bachelors in Information Technology. Here, I was a part of the HALE Lab where I wrote my thesis on patient care tasks, advised by Dr. Sowmya Kamath.

I enjoy applied/product research to solve real-world tasks. My current works revolve around benchmarking Large Language Models and cognitive aspects of language agents. Please reach out if you feel I could be a good fit for your organization!

   I am fortunate to have studied/worked at the following places.

Sep '23  

InterCode is accepted at NeurIPS 2023!

Sep '23  

Named Siebel Scholar (Class of 2024).

Jun '23  

Joining Microsoft as an Applied Scientist intern with the Ads team.

Jan '23  

Invited for Citadel Security Women's Datathon 2023 final onsite held in Miami, FL.

Oct '22  

Awarded Institute Gold medal by National Institute of Technology Karnataka for securing highest GPA in my batch.

Apr '22  

Paper accepted in NAACL 2022 main conference!

Feb '22  

Awarded AAAI 2022 Student Scholarship.

Jan '22  

My Bachelors thesis work is accepted in CISS 2022!

Aug '21  

Received a pre-placement offer from Goldman Sachs to join full time.

Jul '21 

Awarded student scholarship to attend vGHC 2021!

Oct '20

Awarded DESIS Ascend Fellowship by DE Shaw.

Oct '20  

My first research paper on ICD-9 Code Group Prediction accepted at CoDS-COMAD 2021!

InterCode: Standardizing and Benchmarking Interactive Coding with Execution Feedback
Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2023) - Datasets and Benchmarks
[Paper] [Code]
John Yang, Akshara Prabhakar, Karthik Narasimhan, Shunyu Yao
Language Agents as Hackers: Evaluating Cybersecurity Skills with Capture the Flag
Multi-Agent Security Workshop, Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2023)
[Paper] [Code]
John Yang, Akshara Prabhakar, Shunyu Yao, Kexin Pei, Karthik Narasimhan
Best Paper Award
Commonsense and Named Entity Aware Knowledge Grounded Dialogue Generation
North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL-HLT 2022)
[Paper] [Code] [Slides]
Deeksha Varshney, Akshara Prabhakar, Asif Ekbal
Neural Language Modeling of Unstructured Clinical Notes for Automated Patient Phenotyping
56th Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS 2022)
[Paper] [Slides]
Akshara Prabhakar, Shidharth S, Sowmya Kamath S
CL-NERIL: A Cross-Lingual Model for NER in Indian Languages
36th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2022) - Student Poster
[Paper] [Code] [Poster]
Akshara Prabhakar, Gouri Sankar Majumder, Ashish Anand
Awarded Student Scholarship
Diagnostic Code Group Prediction by Integrating Structured & Unstructured Clinical Data
9th International Conference on Big Data Analytics (BDA 2021)
[Paper] [Video] [Slides]
A short version was accepted at the Young Researchers' Symposium of ACM India KDD CoDS-COMAD 2021!
[Paper] [Slides]
Akshara Prabhakar, Shidharth S, Gokul S Krishnan and Sowmya Kamath S
Study of a Hybrid Approach Towards Malware Detection in Executable Files
6th International Conference on Cyber Security and Privacy in Communication Networks 2020
Published in Springer Nature Computer Science journal Volume 2

Akshara Prabhakar, Bhawana Rudra

Graduate Teaching Assistant  

COS 324: Intro to Machine Learning, Princeton Univeristy (Spring '24, Fall '23, Spring '23, Fall '22)

GHC Open-Source Mentor  

Mentor at Ceph organization

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